Scanlan Theodore US

Americana Manhasset Store Opening

Scanlan Theodore is pleased to announce the opening of our new Americana Manhasset boutique. This marks the brand’s fourth US boutique, welcoming a highly curated retail experience to the luxurious, open-air shopping precinct located on Long Island in New York.

Clean, contemporary lines define the new Scanlan Theodore space, with the distinctive exterior blending plate glass windows, double height entrance door with vintage brass handles, and a frontage display space featuring a metal louvred blind and 1970’s pendant light. Designed in partnership with acclaimed interior designer, Studio McQualter, the space remains true to Scanlan Theodore’s 34-year signature design ethos, with memorable design moments to inspire an experience of intimate luxury.

With high gloss ceilings and walls, tinted concrete floors and bronze trim detailing, the interior combines bespoke interiors and immaculate design moments to create its unique character. Planned as two open plan, luxury retail spaces with an adjoining lounge and fitting rooms, the boutique blends modernist furnishings and lighting with bespoke aluminium and marble shelving, suspended and curved clothing racks, custom designed mirrors and a vast belted leather sales desk.

Emulating Scanlan Theodore's signature aesthetic and unwavering attention to design aesthetics, the space is detailed with a Ettore Sottass chandelier, a Murano glass lamp, an imposing Pierre Chapo round timber table and a 1960’s industrial metal desk from Arco.

The fitting lounge and fitting rooms invite an effortless, relaxed and intimate experience, featuring blue-grey walls and ceilings, custom designed mustard-coloured wool rug, waxed aluminium trims, deep green linen curtaining and 1950’s wall sconces create a sense of timeless luxury.

Committed to celebrating a multitude of contemporary Australian artists, the boutique showcases pieces by award winning painter Emily Ferretti and Luke Scriberras. Ferretti's pieces "Looming" and "The Droopy Tree" fuses representational and abstract elements to make images that are reflective and symbolic. Whilst Scribberas' "Spring Flush" embeds natural Australian landscapes with expressions of the human condition with a resonance and painterly allure.