Scanlan Theodore US

World Art Day

In celebration of World Art Day, Scanlan Theodore is proud to reflect upon the incredible artwork and artists who grace our boutiques across the world.

This day honours the ways in which art nurtures creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity for all peoples across the globe and plays an important role in sharing knowledge, encouraging curiosity, and dialogue.

A force for connection, art innately brings people together, inspiring and uniting. In partnership with acclaimed interior designer, Don McQualter, the signature Scanlan Theodore retail concept acts as a meeting place for design moments to evoke an experience of intimate luxury.

Across our 29 boutiques internationally, each location features a curated selection of work by exceptional artists.

Three such renowned artists, whose work cultivates the independent spirit synonymous with Scanlan Theodore include Stefan Dunlop, Karlee Rawkins and Nadia Hernández.

The colourful, eye-catching paintings may range in size, but all speak to their lived and artistic experience in one form or another helping to make Scanlan Theodore a unique destination.

- Studio McQualter.

Display shelves of shoes and boots with painting hanging above depicting mountain covered in greenery and stone

Stefan Dunlop

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa 2022

Experimentation, spontaneity, and freedom are the cornerstones of Stefan Dunlop’s most recent art practice. Known throughout his career for compositions that combine historical art references with fragments of colour and form, his work presents a unique narrative on Western classical and baroque traditions, as well as the often overwhelming image-based world we live in.

Karlee Rawkins

 Island Parrot 

2021 Karlee Rawkins is recognised for her colourful and bold paintings, often exploring perception and change. Island Parrot depicts an extinct species of bird in her confident yetinstinctive style, creating a wondrous realm and a reminder of the fleeting nature of life. 

My compositions reflect my interest in the more ambiguous and obscure. These works are dominated by expanses of colour and pattern, subjects are divided by under layers and line work. They are designed to challenge how we see and recognise things.

- Karlee Rawkins.

Hallway with colourful abstract painting by Nadia Hernández

Nadia Hernández

Quiero despertarme a las 6am y una cascada que no es el Salto Ángel, 2022

Venezuelan born, Sydney based, Nadia Hernández visual arts practice is informed specifically by the current political climate of her home country and her diasporic experience as a Venezuelan woman living abroad. Articulated through textiles, paper constructions, painting, music, installations, sculptures and murals, her identity allows her, or perhaps encourages her, to create work that negotiates complex political narratives through the personal, the institutional and their intersections.