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In the dynamic world of the arts, Sophie Wilde stands as a shining example of a talented and driven individual who has made her mark as an actor. Graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 2019, Sophie reflects on her journey as a rising star with wisdom beyond her years.

Wilde's love for the arts was nurtured by her grandparents, who introduced her to the world of theatre at a young age. "It really changed my life. It’s what made me fall in love with the arts and want to pursue this career," she acknowledges. This early exposure not only ignited her passion but also laid the foundation for a remarkable career she is still chasing with fervour today.

After leaving NIDA Wilde has had a busy few years, most recently starring in the Stan feature film, The Portable Door, as well as the BBC series You Don’t Know Me and A24 horror film, Talk to Me. Hindsight is a remarkable thing but it is freely sharing such insights, that denotes a certain vulnerability which makes Wilde truly remarkable. She notes that the ever-present feeling of imposter syndrome, a nagging doubt that can plague even the most accomplished artists, is a feeling that may never completely dissipate. “That feeling will probably never leave you, but you’ll be able to manage it better. You’ll be able to find the fun in the work,” she notes.

Maturing in her career, she has found solace in embracing failures as an inevitable part of any artistic pursuit. “Relish your failures because failure is important,” she admits, as she continues to invest in her own creative journey, not shying away from the discomfort that often accompanies growth. One of the defining aspects of Wilde's artistic philosophy is her willingness to relinquish control and embrace uncertainty. “I feel most in my element when I lessen the grip of control. It’s when I’m willing to be playful and take risks… it’s really scary to be willing to fail, especially in front of an audience. But it’s overcoming and embracing that which allows a certain degree of freedom”. It is this philosophy that has led her to discover a profound sense of liberation in her work.

Perhaps one of the most transformative aspects of Wilde's journey so far has been her interactions with other formidable women in her industry. “It's through their confidence, their ability to be so self-assured and authentically themselves that has inspired me to seek the same within myself,” she reflects. Wilde admits it is these examples that have driven home the lesson that embracing one's uniqueness and owning your own voice is something to be not only cherished but celebrated.

Intriguingly, as someone who inhabits an array of diverse characters and worlds, it may be the concept of owning one's individuality that has seen her style evolve to encompass a sense of eclecticism. Such fluidity is a testament to her creative spirit, which is unafraid to explore and experiment. For Wilde, fashion is not confined to specific settings, being especially drawn to Scanlan Theodores Summer 23 Jewellery collection; “I am obsessed with the jewellery. I love chunky and big and bold pieces in excess. Honestly, I’d wear it anywhere. Even just going grocery shopping”.

This sense of excess and fun accompanies Wilde’s intrinsic drive to live a life steeped in creativity. "I like to see as much theatre, art, and live music as possible. I love to read. Watch movies. Be in the thick of it," she reveals. This perpetual quest for inspiration clearly fuelling dedication to her craft.

Sophie Wilde's journey is not devoid of impactful moments that affirmed her career choice. Every step, from small triumphs to significant achievements, has contributed to her realisation that she is indeed right where she should be. With a deep sense of gratitude, she reflects on how the collection of experiences she has amassed mirrors the dream life she envisioned for herself. Notably, the surreal moment of her film "TTM" being picked up by A24, a milestone that once existed only on a list of dreams, stands as a testament to her hard work and unwavering dedication.

Although Wilde remains tight-lipped about her upcoming projects, her enthusiasm is palpable, having recently been cast in the film adaption of the international best-selling novel, Boy Swallows Universe. In the enigmatic path that is Sophie Wilde's artistic journey, one can discern a symphony of passion, vulnerability, and growth. From the enchantment instilled by her grandparents to her unapologetically eclectic style, from the bold embrace of failure to the profound impact of powerful women, each facet of her story weaves a tapestry of inspiration.

Her journey serves as a reminder that the pursuit of one's passions is a dynamic and evolving process, marked by both challenges and triumphs. In this way, Wilde is the pinnacle of a Scanlan Theodore woman, independent in spirit, driven by curiosity and a conscious commitment to craft. A relationship of creative respect binds the brand and artist together. As she continues to tread the path of creativity, Wilde's narrative stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of an artist, one who knows that the journey itself is as profound as the destination.

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