Scanlan Theodore AU

NotFair Artist Occupancy

Scanlan Theodore was proud to be a major sponsor for NotFair 2023. Alongside the City of Stonnington, the luxury fashion house hosted the seventh iteration of the biennial art fair titled ‘Alchemy’.

Held at the newly-acquired global headquarters at 333 Malvern Road South Yarra, previously Leonard Joel Auction Rooms, the space has been reimagined to showcase the work of 41 independent artists.

Founded in 2010 by artists Sam Leach and Tony Lloyd, and writer Ashley Crawford, NotFair was built upon the founding manifesto of supporting unrepresented artists and offering them a platform to showcase their works, launching many successful careers.

Thirteen years on, the grassroots event has established a highly-recognised and respected position amongst the Australian arts calendar, yet the curatorial premise remains unchanged – supporting, unearthing, and empowering artists.

Artwork of three red tiled stalls with illustrations of bathrooms

For this year’s exhibition, curators Darren Tanny Tan and Linsey Gosper have selected a diverse group of independent artists to express their visions of ‘Alchemy’. Exploring the transformative power of artistic processes and materials, the curation explores the idea of artistic creation as a form of alchemy, where artists invoke an enchanted and transformative energy to turn ordinary materials into something extraordinary.

Gallery wall of brightly-coloured modern paintings

Curated across three main exhibition areas, guests were taken on a visual journey through the venue, exploring the artistic interpretations of each artist, including works by Lily Palmer, Chloe Tizzard, and Zac Chester.

On Thursday 7 December, the exhibition came alive as creatives join to preview the exhibition before the event officially opened its door to the public. Participating artists, sponsors, art collectors, curators, and media celebrated the independent arts and a special live performance by Melbourne based composer, sound artist and cellist, Zoë Barry.

Gallery wall of photographs of buildings and nature
Gallery wall of brightly coloured surrealist paintings
Gallery wall with a window and various graphic illustrations
Gallery wall of 7 cross stitches of an ocean background and billboards with various messages
Gallery wall of 4 black and white photos side by side depicting everyday life of people
Gallery room featuring three stands with modern sculptures
Gallery wall of photographs featuring people swimming in a lake and in nature
Gallery room of large black and white photographs of wreckages

Alchemy was held at 333 Malvern Road South Yarra, 8-13 December 2023. The sponsorship provided by Scanlan Theodore serves as a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to the arts and its continuous support for local artists.