Winter 24 Lookbook

Air and Earth.

Ethereal lightness grounded in continuity.

Envisioning a future, shaped with a legacy of mindful craft.

A synthesis of modern technology and proportion, tempered by classical design principles; inspires the ideal for something fresh and new, whilst being timeless and enduring – these are the house signatures defining the brand’s devotion to captivating the Scanlan Theodore woman.

The collection epitomises the deft hands of both Gary Theodore and Maria Sita; effortlessly harmonising the balance between enticing garments and effortlessly wearable clothes. Scanlan Theodore creates an atmosphere of design within the noisy fashion landscape, giving women a sense of enriched escapism amidst their hectic lifestyles. 

Delicate quilting, silk velvet and cashmere, find harmony alongside exquisite tailoring, reflective sequins and beading inspiring a journey of elemental realism. Lightness and transparency complement the enveloping warm volumes, creating nuanced and multidimensional ways for winter dressing.

Italian-made footwear and bags reaffirm the brand’s commitment to refined craftsmanship and premium quality. Embossed croc and printed reptile leathers intertwine with plush shearling and opulent Toscana scarves, casting an irresistible allure as the quintessential accessories of the season, completing the visual language of an evolved Scanlan Theodore look.

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