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Bill Henson x Hellenic Museum Exhibition

Ancient Greek temple ruins in the dark

A fusion of art, history and culture, Scanlan Theodore is a proud publication sponsor of 'ONEIROI', a photographic installation by contemporary Australian artist Bill Henson. Housed in the permanent collection of the Hellenic Museum, the exhibition is the first major commission by the museum and aims to ignite the dialogue between the aesthetics of the ancient past and today.

Ethereal image of the sky with golden clouds

In 2014 the Hellenic Museum launched Gods, Myths & Mortals, an exhibition of extraordinary Greek artifacts from the Benaki Museum in Athens. Incorporating five historical objects from the collection including; a 3500-year-old gold cup, an Ottoman period necklace and the knife that once belonged to a revolutionary leader, Henson photographed each artifact in the ethereal afternoon light.

Close up of woman's face with closed eyes and flushed cheeks
Close up of a woman's mouth touching a golden chalice with a blue background

The grand staircase skylight at the Museum provided the setting for each portrait, providing a heavenly luminosity that is reminiscent of the beauty and power of the ancient Greeks. The outcome manifests in ten awe-inspiring pieces, that exist in a realm between dream and reality - inspiring a discussion about the way in which history, culture and art shape the way we navigate through, and make sense of our own world.

Dedicated to exploring the notion of heritage, Scanlan Theodore's Summer 23 campaign was captured along the striking coastline of Athens. The location was selected to honour the legacy of Founder Gary Theodore, and Creative Director Maria Sita, whose Greek heritage has played a significant role in the brand's history. Further commemorating this theme, Scanlan Theodore recognised this unique collaboration between the Hellenic Museum, Benaki Museum, and Bill Henson as a project that pays homage to the rich cultural and historical significance of Greece and resonates with the brand's affiliation with the art world.

Close up of woman's neck wearing an Ancient Greek necklace with gemstones and coins

Reflective of the rich and varied nature of Greek history and the ways in which Greece has evolved through the ages, the exhibition interplays Henson’s technical approach to light and composition with the relics from antiquity in an ethereal, contemplative and timeless manner.

Scanlan Theodore's longstanding connection with the art world continues to bridge the gap between the fine arts and fashion, and strives to support endeavors that nurture creativity, encourage curiosity and cultivatedialogue. The Hellenic Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing Greek art, history and culture, and continues to showcase exciting talent through its permanent collection and exclusive exhibitions. To view upcoming exhibitions and events, please visit the Hellenic Museum's website.

'ONEIROI' was made possible with the support of Robert Buckingham, and is dedicated to the memory of his father, George Henry Buckingham (1920-2009).

Dimly-lit room with six illuminated framed photographs on the walls with two dark blue sofas