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In Scanlan Mother's Day

In celebration of Mother’s day, Rosie Tupper, Petta Chua and Shamini Rajarethnam share their stories of Motherhood and style their favourite pieces from Winter 22.

Rosie Tupper sitting on the ground wearing a blue mohair cardigan and white trousers with her 3 year old daughter
Rosie Tupper looking down smiling wearing a blue mohair cardigan and white trousers while holding her son

Rosie Tupper, Model, with Mo (3 Years) and Louie (18 Months)

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood means everything to me. I've always wanted to be a mum so Mo and Louie are truly a blessing. They bring so much happiness to my life.

What is the biggest lesson Mo and Louie have taught you?

The biggest lesson Mo and Louie have taught me is finding and appreciating the wonder in everyday things. Simple pleasures bring the most joy, happiness, fun, and laughter.

Petta Chua standing in a long black coat with her two sons running around

Petta Chua, Stylist and Creative Director, with Chester (3) and Ellis (10 Months).

How do you find the balance between working and motherhood?
Everyone’s situation is different. It feels privileged these days to be considering
“balancing” work and motherhood when most people are just trying to get by.
I had a single mum who had a great career and worked jobs. She was a very
present mother. In hindsight, it’s remarkable that I never noticed how much
she worked. I put it down to the quality of the time we spent together. I have a
newfound appreciation for how she upkept our household, finances, and joy,
in equal measure.

As for balance in my life, I’m still trying to figure it all out. I’m a wandering dolt of a creative, with little brain discipline. It's important to me that I set firm boundaries between work time & home time. I have to constantly remind myself of this, and work hard at it, it’s taking some practice.

Shamini Rajarethnam wearing a rust silk midi dress candidly playing with her two children
Shamini Rajarethnam standing holding her two toddlers
Shamini Rajarethnam smiling wearing a rust silk midi dress while her children run

Shamini Rajarethnam, CEO of RATIONALE, with Asha (3) and Leo (1)

What does motherhood mean to you?

I take my cues from the women I am surrounded by who inspire me, and who have had a profound effect on my version of motherhood. My mother has always carried the virtue of selflessness — putting everyone’s needs ahead of her own. My mother-in-law has the tenet of unconditional love – no matter how tired or stretched she is, she will do whatever it takes for her family. My best friends have this incredible fortitude for resilience, the many situations they are faced with are always approached with patience, poise, and strength. My sister and sister-in-law have always raised my nephew and nieces with kindness and laughter, encouraging them to be true to themselves and I see this in all the interactions they have with them. Those virtues combined is the version of parenthood I strive for.