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In Scanlan with Bianca Marchi

Celebrated restauranteur, and an integral part of the team behind Agnes, Bianca, Honto, Same Same, and Land Of Smiles, Bianca Marchi wears her favourite pieces from Summer 21.

Bianca Marchi standing in a white pantsuit in an minimalistic entrance way
Bianca Marchi smiling in a white pantsuit posing next to a potted plant
Bianca Marchi standing in a minimalistic living room wearing a cream oversized jacket and cream shorts
Bianca Marchi walking indoors wearing a cream oversized jacket and cream shorts
Bianca Marchi wearing a cream oversized jacket gazing directly at the camera
You are a successful restauranteur and trailblazer in the hospitality scene in Brisbane, how did your journey in this industry begin?

"Soon after arriving in Brisbane from my home in Milan I started working at a variety of places (across a number of different industries) including the restaurant LongTime which at the time was one of the city’s most celebrated restaurants. It took me a while to realise that hospitality was what I wanted to do – but once I had explored other options I found myself coming back to it. It was at LongTime that I met the owner Ty Simon – which marked the beginning of not only our personal relationship but our business one as well."

Your latest venture Bianca has a playful atmosphere with interiors to match, a contrast to Agnes’ moody aesthetic – how do you come up with the creative concepts behind the restaurants?

"It would be easy to say it is just me – but it is definitely a collaborative effort that involves our full team. Together we bring so many different ideas to the table – it’s a genuine collaborative mix of what we love, our ideas, and our experiences. From there, the ideas form the foundation of a more substantial concept. I think you can see our underlying handwriting in the venues, however, the different fit-outs ensure that each venue is unique."

Bianca Marchi leaning over a brown tiled bench wearing a brown linen shirt
Bianca Marchi posing in front of a brown tiled wall wearing a brown linen shirt and maxi skirt
Bianca Marchi wearing a blue grey linen maxi dress standing in a brown tile and concrete hallway
Where do you seek your creative inspiration? And when do you feel most inspired? 

"Much of my creativity comes from Italy where I was born. Even though I have been living here in Australia for nine years I still look to Italy for inspiration as I continue to have a very strong connection with the country – after all – all of my family is still there. I am also fortunate to have wonderful friends here who are creative, daring, and leading the way in shaping our community. Their innovation, vision, and success is inspiring and continues to motivate us. I also draw on the different people I meet every day in our venues. I love talking to them and find myself constantly energised by their ideas too. "

How would you describe your style?

"I used to dress in a very minimalist style – but now I find the way I dress reflects and matches my surrounding environment. Living in a sub-tropical city has meant I now embrace fashion that ensures I feel comfortable and cool but also captures a style that positions me in the professional and social role in which I find myself daily. I am certainly drawn to simple, clean lines and natural fibers that, while low maintenance, remain fresh and presentable throughout the day."

You are originally from Milan, how has your heritage influenced your style? Has your style developed as your career has progressed?

"A few years ago my partner and I gave up colour, making a concerted decision to dress exclusively in black, white, and grey. Note – while he has continued this commitment I have embraced colour …and love it! Milanese style is very simple. It is all about cloth, fit, and seasonality. These essential basics very much influence the way I now shop and dress in Australia. I tend to buy a lot of classic pieces which are versatile, allowing me to wear them to dinners but also to work. I work in hospitality so comfort too is a mandatory part of the decision-making process."

Bianca Marchi wearing a white shirt and black wide leg trousers candidly adjusting her sleeve
Bianca Marchi posing front on in a white shirt and black wide leg trousers with hands in pockets
Bianca Marchi looking down standing in front of a concrete wall wearing a white gown
You effortlessly fuse everyday staples with elevated pieces, what are your wardrobe must-haves for work-to-weekend style?

"Over the years I have built my staple wardrobe to a point that has allowed me to introduce more seasonal pieces each year to transform the look. My wardrobe “must-have” are a pair of Scanlan Theodore black trousers and a white oversized man’s shirt. With this – you can’t go wrong for any occasion! For me – feeling comfortable is a priority. Once you are comfortable you will always look polished but never overdone. This is key to always being able to move more confidently. "

What is your favourite piece from Scanlan Theodore's Summer 21 Collection?

"My favourite piece from Summer 21 is the white suit. It is fashionable and timeless at the same time. I wear it as a suit or separately for a more casual look. I find the trousers are perfect on their own with a slide and oversized shirt – getting you through the day and night!"