Scanlan Theodore EU

Summer 22 Part One

Reflective of Scanlan Theodore’s duality, Summer 22 exudes a relaxed elegance and timeless sophistication.

Crafted with refined workmanship, tailored coordinates are updated with bustier and waistcoat additions. Soft pinks and spearmints awash with shimmering silvers and cool toned greys - the signature tailored ensembles are reimagined into 3-piece suits that can be worn with an effortless sensibility.

Sustainable cashmere fibres are woven into lightweight layers , and signature denim silhouettes debut a new white wash, uplifting trans-seasonal wardrobe elements.

Focusing on the quintessence of Scanlan Theodore, Crepe Knit and Pleat Rib designs exemplify contemporary femininity. Emboldened by shades reminiscent of the summer season - emerald, coral and peony, the silhouettes are accented by intricate daisy crochet, textural scallop detailing and signature gold buttons. Ethereal dresses are defined by specialty fabrications, in-house designed prints and feminine nuances - tailored silhouettes, exaggerated sleeves, and soft ruffles.

Summer 22 extends to a contemporary line of accessories - eyewear, footwear, bags, belts and jewellery. Uniting sculpted forms in distinguished tones and refined detailing, the accessories capsule is crafted by artisans in Spain and Italy.

Embracing the romanticism of Spring, the premiere collection of Summer 22 re-establishes the innate elegance and femininity that is synonymous with the brand.

Brunette girl laying on concrete bench with her eyes closed, in green dress and black sandals.

Pleated Rib Cold Shoulder Dress

Head shot of brunette girl with shadow coming across her face, one eye squinting from the sun.

Pleated Rib Cold Shoulder Dress

Girl standing side on, looking away from the camera, with her brown dress blowing in the wind.
Profile head shot of girl showing tie and gather detail of her brown dress across her back.
Low angle shot of girl with wind blowing her dress, and blue sky and clouds in the background.

Parachute Gather Sleeve Dress

Brunette girl with ponytail wearing a green necklace and green strapless top, against white wall.
Girl looking at the camera with shadow across her face, wearing green strapless top and trousers.

Double Cotton Bustier, Double Cotton Trouser and Italian Resin Oval Choker

Girl looking away from the camera, leaning against concrete wall in textured green knit dress.

Scallop Stitch Knit Dress

Profile photograph of brunette girl showing white dress sleeve, with shadow on white wall.
Head shot of brunette girl showing gather detail of white dress and red-light leak across her face.
Girl facing away from the camera looking over her shoulder in a white dress and shadow on the wall.

Parachute Gather Sleeve Mini

Girl facing away from the camera looking over her shoulder holding hands behind her back.
Girl in dark green dress with high neck, with wind blowing through her dress showing pleat detail.

Parachute Cotton Strapping Dress

Girl looking away from the camera with one hand crossed behind her back in silver waist coat.

Shantung Tailored Waistcoat and Shantung Tailored Trouser

Girl laying on concrete stairs with pink painted lines with one knee bent in pink dress and shoes.
Girl looking at camera sitting on concrete stairs with arms stretched out the side and leg crossed.

Silk Print GGT Ruffle Dress

Girl crouching on the ground with head on knees looking away wearing coral dress with back cut out.
Back shot of girl looking to the side with bent arms crossed in front with open back orange dress.

Parachute Cut Out Mini

Girl standing side on looking at the camera in blue knit dress with sea and clouds in background.

Sparkle Knit Shirt Dress

Scanlan Theodore acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the land where we came together to capture this story. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.